About MEEE Design Services

MEEE Design Services is a full-service Conceptual, Structural and MEP design Firm with offices in Los Angeles, Southern and Northern California. The Company was established in 2017 by senior designers with over 20 years’ experience in design field in fulfilling both commercial and residential projects.
Our services are guided by a strong commitment to excellence, honesty, and integrity. In the current competitive building industry, our primary focus is to shine by providing an outstanding result.
We have extensive experience working on both residential and commercial projects. Our clients look to us to bridge the gap between the idea of any construction, renovation or expansion projects into reality. We work diligently and professionally in managing expectations and completing projects within budget and on schedule.

Why Meee Design Services

At MEEE Design Services, customer education and involvement in the design phase is the foundation of our success. Every project is approached with professional discipline, commitment to ethical conduct, and a sense of priority. We involve and educate our clients in the design process.

We are committed to designing excellence and expertise in building investigations and top quality client services. We strive to cultivate long-term business relationships with our clients. As our business expands, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients providing with comprehensive A-Z solutions to fit with the highest, most demanding standards.
We share your vision. We partner with you to ensure that your project is a success. By focusing on budget, schedule, and constructability, we make your values our values and work toward your vision together. We listen and respond.
This process is supported by our use of expert designers, which manage and translate vast amounts of data into designs that can be tested and manipulated in real-time. The advanced tools and activities we employ (along with proprietary modeling and return on investment software) form a robust platform for project design and delivery.

MEEE Design Services ensures a smooth working relationship between the designers and the clients as a halcyon environment breeds understanding, creativity, and a high level of efficiency.

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