Coronavirus and MEEE Response

We are more committed and determined than ever to be at your service

At this time of great uncertainty and urgency, MEEE Services remains fully available and willing to help our clients in dealing with this most difficult situation with doing everything in our power to maintain the high level of service and support.

Although the rule of social distancing is a key measure in this situation, but we are closer and more united than ever feeling the same pain, committed to same effort and same wishing the best for future.

Our remote working model enables us to stay fully committed in taking on and delivering projects within the guidance of global health experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In all the change that we are facing quickly, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to responding to your needs and delivering quality.


What is our plan?

We’ve invested heavily over the years not only to be able to offer flexibility, but also as part of our business continuity planning. We are ready to support you at any situation. Our business model has been tested and we can continue to do the work that we do best.

First and foremost, our plan ensures the health and safety of our employees, so we can continue to deliver and support the service you count on.

Our leadership team remains watchful and is monitoring the situation in real time and responding rapidly as conditions evolve.


Construction as an Essential Service

Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, daily and sometimes hourly changes in federal, state, and local orders and regulations are significantly impacting the construction industry. We are fully prepared to adopt our work and services quickly in response to the changes.

We know that there is no way to put a pause on your business and housing needs and that’s why we want to reassure you that our team is doing everything we can to support you. We are here to respond to all your needs with prompt actions.

It appears to be a great opportunity and the time to invest in design and planning and getting permits for your residential or commercial building, so you could be fully prepared to jump in the build once conditions and regulations of your city is ready to move forward. Remember that the construction season is coming!

We will facilitate your design and planning process with our A-Z design and planning services with full details. All these will be done remotely and online.


What practical measures we took?

This unprecedented situation is forcing us to look at how we work and our ability to remain flexible in the face of natural disasters, pandemics, and all situations that require remote work.

We had a plan in place for natural disasters but have had to quickly evolve policy and protocols for this pandemic.

Since our firm frequently collaborates on projects across numerous locations, it has invested in technology to make the work easier. That being said, working in this manner is familiar for us.


Below are some of the practical measures that we have taken in response to Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Working from home: because we recently moved our entire working process to the cloud, working from home is possible for everyone in our company. We found out that remote work and home officing creates new opportunities for us.
  2. Reconstruct contracts: For some of our contracts that were focused on tasks that required on-site visits and interactive discussion, we restructured them to reduce the need for an on-site presence and set expectations for participating in virtual meetings. Culturally, many clients are accustomed to building trust with an in-person presence, but in this hard situation, we made it simple by online communication tools, understanding our clients’ pain points, giving solutions and presenting relevant experience.
  3. Cloud-based collaboration environment: We recently made several key infrastructure investments, including initiating a cloud-based workflow and adopting the virtual desktop. We invested in Microsoft Teams, which we will continue to use to connect our employees and partners together and manage our documents and plans. We are also using a design collaboration tool for managing our design and drawing from a common source.
  4. Conference Calls: We trained our staff of using conference call software such as UberConference and Zoom to set up online interactive conference calls and discuss the requests and projects in groups. These tools are very user-friendly and quick to set up by anyone.
  5. Video site visit: In our design and planning field, there are some situations that our designers need to perform site visits to evaluate the sites in person, mostly structural designers. We found out a way that enables us set up video visits by using advanced communication technologies.
  6. Accessible IT team: Our IT team is always accessible to answer our employees and clients’ questions about online communications and collaborations.


We design and plan your buildings in any situation that will build the future

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