Grow Facilities

Design services for Grow Facilities and Dispensaries

Are you planning on building or convert an existing structure?

MEEE Design Services has the knowledge to design your cannabis and hemp facility afresh.


Cannabis Cultivation PlanningMEEE Design Services provides design services for the fast-growing cannabis and hemp industry. We have accomplished over 55 cannabis cultivation, processing facilities and dispensaries across the States.
We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis or hemp cultivation, processing, and dispensary facilities. Our area of services is in every state where medical and recreational cannabis cultivation and sale is legal.
Our team of experts, designers and industry professionals can support you with the valuable insight you need to gain the competitive advantage you want in this ever-changing industry.
Allow us to team with you early in the game. MEEE Design Services has experience in providing support for the application phase in different states for different cannabis-related facilities, starting with Grow/cultivation facilities, processing, and extraction labs as well as distribution and dispensary facilities.

Cultivation Facility Design

Cultivation Facility

Processing Facility Design

Processing Facility

Dispensary Design


MEEE Services for Cannabis and Hemp Facilities

Architectural Cannabis
Architectural Drafting

We have done several conceptual and floor plan drawings based on the instructions given by the state in order you get licenses. After that, we work with you side by side to make sure that the facility design would be following the standards of the cannabis industry.

Structural Cannabis
Structural Design

Our structural designers inspect the building for structural stability and their physical integrity. They do structural evaluation and full sealed structural prints for plans reviews.

HVAC Cannabis
Mechanical Design

Cannabis cultivation facilities must work jointly with HVAC systems to dehumidify and manage the climate inside the growing room. Our greatest experience provides you with the skill to design HVAC systems for the specific environmental needs of cannabis production facilities.

Electrical Cannabis
Electrical Design

There is a lot of energy consumption in Cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. We work on the electrical system analysis, load calculations, utility upgrades, energy rebate facilitation, lighting plans, and full prints. Our electrical designers are expert in the least energy consumption design with the highest performance and safety.

Plumbing Cannabis
Plumbing Design

Grow facilities have a very high electrical requirement due to the grow lights, air conditioning units, and other equipment. MEEE Design Services is exceptionally qualified to help you design the right facility for your product.

Fire Protection Cannabis
Fire Protection

With the rapid increase of cannabis facilities used for growing, storing and selling the product, we at MEEE Design, fully understand these new buildings and the associated hazards to provide the safest and best design for our clients.

Interior Design Cannabis
Interior Design

MEEE Design Services brings its proficiency with creating customer experiences to cannabis retail by offering conceptual design, interior design, brand identity and graphic design, and other services to the industry.

Cultivation Facility Design

Cannabis Cultivation Facility EngineeringWe help with all levels and cultivation styles from an indoor, greenhouse, outdoor, or a hybrid type grow facility.

Commercial cannabis cultivation projects are unique as well as each state implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and authorized when applying for your commercial cannabis cultivation license.

Typically, the biggest challenge in designing a cultivation facility is staying within a budget to maximize canopy, and the smaller the budget the bigger the challenge.

We provide innovative, affordable, and scalable cultivation facility solutions.

Our services for Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis Facility DrawingMEEE DESIGN provides architectural drafting and conceptual design, structural and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design consulting services to ensure that the design of your cannabis cultivation facility meets your requirements for temperature, humidity, biosecurity and energy efficiency.
We provide planning and design based on the code and standards of each state.
We have designed small- and large-scale facilities up to 150,000 SF.

  • Site Planning
  • Design & Structure
  • Code Compliance
  • Energy Efficiency

Are you remodeling or building a new cultivation facility for your cannabis growing operation?

MEEE Design Services is here for you! Our team of experts can help you achieve your goals for your cannabis business.


Greenhouse Design EngineeringA custom recreational or medical cannabis greenhouse is the right solutions for tight building spaces, cities with strict building and permit requirements, or climates with heavy amounts of wind and snow.
A Great Greenhouse Starts With A Great Design.

  • MEEE Design Services will join you in the early concept planning stages to ensure a well-designed and fully functional greenhouse.
  • We’ll make sure your greenhouse design gets pointed in the right direction from the very beginning.
  • We’ll provide highly functional greenhouses designed to use the highest quality materials.
  • We’ll make informed recommendations with respect to orientation, footprint, structure types and styles and heating and cooling considerations.
  • Our experienced teams will create conceptual drawings, renderings, architectural drafting plans, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) plans.

Processing Facility Design

Marijuana Processing means any procedure used to prepare marijuana or its byproducts for commercial retail and/or wholesale, including but not limited to drying, cleaning, curing, trimming, packaging, testing, and extraction of active ingredients to create marijuana related products and concentrates.
In general, processing is involved in the extraction, manufacturing and distribution stages.

Cannabis Test Lab
Test Lab
Cannabis Extraction Lab
Extraction Lab
Cannabis Manufacturing
Manufacturing Facility
Cannabis Distribution
Distribution Facility


We provide turnkey design for marijuana and hemp concentrate production (extraction) and laboratories. The design package includes architectural drafting, structural, MEP, fire sprinkler system design and Title 24. This is the foundation for your permit application.
planning and proper lab design are a vital part of launching an extraction business, and you need a professional team of industry experts to make the process manageable, timely and correct… the first time.
Commercial Cannabis and Hemp Processors are steering differing layers of complicated regulations. MEEE Services Design understands the state regulations and local fire and safety codes related to the many practices of solvent based extraction. Our designers take pride in designing safe, compliant clean spaces for laboratories and processors.

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