Residential and Commercial Design

MEEE Design Services specializes in architectural drafting and conceptual design for residential and commercial projects.

Architectural Design Service

Our design consultants will collaborate with you on each phase of the design process from schematic design to the design development phase. Our designers fulfill the projects based on each state’s building code and standards.

MEEE Design Services takes a holistic approach to the design process. We take the time to listen to our clients and contribute our knowledge into functional, appealingly pleasing and sustainable solutions. We help our clients prioritize strategic design goals within real-world project constraints. 

We have employed a complete team of the most skilled, experienced design professionals. Through total coordination and accurate communication, we keep all project team members on the same page through every phase. To complete projects on-time, on-budget with exceptional quality, our professionals works in total coordination.  

We lead to on-time, on-budget projects, always do more than clients expectations.

MEEE Design Main Architectural Drafting Services

  • Site Consultation, Feasibility and cost studies
  • Zoning Research and Evaluation, Historical Research, Renovation and Adaptive Reuse
  • As-Built Documentation (Remodel Projects)
  • Site Planning and programming
  • Concept and Schematic Design
  • Space Planning
  • Design Development and Technical Specifications
  • Construction Documents
  • Code analysis and building permitting coordination
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) services
  • 3D Perspective Renderings
  • Interior and Exterior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Finish Selections
  • Door/Window Selections
  • Cabinet/Built-in Selections
  • Hardware/Appliance Selections
  • Plumbing/Lighting Selections
  • Construction Method Selections
  • Construction Observation services

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Are you looking to build or remodel your house or commercial facility?

Let us Help you Throughout the Process and Guide you Step by Step!

Every design process is unique, and this generic step-by-step guide to the design process is indicative only. The number of steps varies depending on the complexity of the project and whether you’re building a new building, renovating or simply making a few small improvements.

Design Engineering Process
Architectural Programming Phase

The main goal during this phase is to figure out how much space you require and how you’d like to use and arrange that space? That means the “program of requirements.”

We will work closely with you to determine your space needs, as well as how they can be arranged and used most efficiently. Additionally, we will start to look at applicable zoning, building code, and other regulatory requirements, and will work with you to develop a project schedule that meets your needs.

In the case of reusing an existing building: Carefully document and evaluate present building and its conditions. Determine what can be reused, what must be discarded, what must be rebuilt.

At the end of this page, you’ll see produced some information that lists the types of spaces and square footage of each.

Architectural Schematic Design Phase

Our designer takes your Program of Requirements and begins the process of translating it into an efficient building design.
Schematic design is conceptual in nature, so it doesn’t go into much detail yet. Our design professional will begin to lay out the site, the interior spaces, and develop basic exterior designs.
The deliverables that the designer will prepare in this phase include preliminary drawings such as floor plans, elevations, sections and a site plan if applicable. You may also see some sketches or you could ask your designer to do some computer renderings (usually this would be another add-on service) to help you visualize and get a sense of how the spaces will look and feel. For the most part, the design won’t yet include things like what types of materials will be used, so if you do get sketches or renderings, keep in mind that what they’re showing isn’t necessarily final.

Architectural Design Development Phase

The building’s exterior will be more fully designed (if applicable), interior layouts will be completed, room sizes are finalized, and most materials are selected.

In this phase, our designer advances the design significantly. The main goal of this phase is to define and develop the important aspects of the project. The exterior, interior layouts, room sizes, and materials are more fully designed. The designers will further develop the HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinkler and electrical systems.
The deliverable in this phase is a much more detailed set of drawings than the schematic phase (it looks like they’re done, but they’re not) and (most likely) a specification book, which can be thought of as the written instructions for the drawings. The specification book will specify the materials that have been selected, and provide things like installation instructions, quality control requirements, and other technical information.

Architectural Construction Documents Phase

This phase basically takes the design development drawings and specifications and fills in the details that will enable a contractor to build your project.

All necessary technical information is finalized, and the final set of drawings and specifications will include the information that’s required in order to obtain a building permit from whichever local authority has jurisdiction (eg the city, county, etc.).
The deliverable in this phase is a complete set of drawings and specifications, referred to as the Construction Documents, which will get submitted for permit and given to contractors to develop bids/quotes for the work.
In the permitting process, if the authority has questions, requires additional information, or requests changes/corrections to the drawings, the design team will take care of it.

Architectural Construction Administration Phase

This phase involves the design team monitoring the construction to verify that it is happening in accordance with the Construction Documents they prepared.

The frequency of the designer’s visits to the site during construction varies widely; it could be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the project and your needs. But it is important to have someone keeping an eye on things, so that you end up with the space you’re expecting. They will take photos and write field reports to document the progress and will also verify that the contractor’s billings accurately reflect the amount of work that they’ve done.
The design team will also work with the contractor to answer their questions, verify that the materials the contractor is using are correct, issue formal modifications and corrections to the Construction Documents, and to solve problems that arise in the field – there are always unforeseen issues to resolve.

House Design LandscapeWhen you enter some spaces, they stir your senses and resonate with you. That’s the beauty of architecture, it brings out your hidden senses. Our goal at Meee Design Services is to create places that inspire and stand the test of time. We believe every design task deserves such an attention, because we value our clients precious time which must be spent in a beautiful and practical environment. In every design task, large or small, we see the potential to create solutions that are beautiful and environmentally responsible.

We at Meee design Services work painstakingly to satisfy desired style in a timely fashion while adhering to local codes and standards. Being on-time is accomplished through clearly understanding clients’ needs at the beginning and working with them closely along the way to turn their concept into reality.

Since all our projects are being done by BIM software it’s very cost effective as any unexpected changes at any stage from schematic design to structural design to MEP design  can be implemented without interfering others.

Modern Architectural Design-We are not only proud of being able to handle projects of all sizes, but also, we make sure you don’t get back to us when you head for the city permit. Our record is proof of our word.

Although our prime focus is in California, we also provide national services as we have designers working with different standards and can provide designs for different sectors.

We deliver thoughtful and successful projects for our clients. Our design Thinking to every project is to Turn Challenges into Opportunities.

Want to get started on your project? Let us help you.




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