Electrical Design

Knowing how much power is required for your space is highly crucial. Hence, the electrical designs usually include lighting, receptacles, mechanical power, panel board schedule, specifications, electrical riser diagram, and construction details. At MEEE Design Build, we have what’s right for you, from low to high voltage buildings to normal and emergency power.

Sometimes, complete re-wiring of a pre-war building is necessary to support the modern appliances that we’re used to. We also specialize in electrical design renovation services. We can even interface with Con Edison or a local electrical company to execute the designs.

Our advanced Energy Modelling software allows us to accurately estimate the total energy usage and the breakdown of the energy requirement for each electrical component in the building. We also try to integrate alternative energy sources like solar panels, natural gas generators, co-generators, micro-turbines, and diesel generators whenever they prove to be efficient and cost-effective.

We also offer other MEP engineering services throughout the USA and particularly in California regions such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. You can find out about our industry-specific project here.

electrical design

We Help You Avoid Money-Wastage

Having a well-designed electrical system in place is paramount to ensure efficiency in a building. This will avoid energy wastage in components like air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, lighting, and office equipment. Our electrical design & drawing engineers will ensure that optimal power that is in line with building codes is delivered to your building under safe conditions. Also, we help you analyze the feasibility of incorporating a complementary energy source like a solar photovoltaic system.

Generally speaking, energy efficiency produces a high return on investment. Our goal is to help you reduce, to the barest minimum, the energy bill you will incur in the long run.

Professionals in Electrical Engineering

  • Prompt delivery: We pride ourselves on having the fastest design process in our industry. This is, of course, due to our innovative and flexible approach to design.
  • Accurate Electrical Requirement Estimation: Our design will give you an accurate picture of the energy requirement needed. This will help in giving you a perfect idea of the cost you require.
  • Low-Maintenance Costs: You can be confident that none of our systems is over-engineered. Therefore, you do not need to bother about using excess energy. This ensures that maintenance cost is brought to the minimum.

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