Fire Protection

Fire is the biggest enemy of buildings. It can destroy in a minute, what it took years to construct. To guard against this, our fire alarm systems are designed to automatically notify the fire department should any smoke be detected. Our fire system designs contain the necessary sensors and devices required for reliable detection of a fire outbreak. We can also integrate your water sprinkling system to automatically notify the fire department if any sprinkler water is detected. We also relate with your local fire department to ensure full compliance with our system.

We also offer other fire protection engineering solutions & services. Our company offers fire safety solutions throughout the USA and particularly in areas of California such as San Francisco, San Diego, etc.

fire protection engineering

Minimize Cost and Maximize Safety

Major cities like New York have some of the strictest fire protection guidelines in the world. This is because a fire outbreak will have a great impact due to the concentration of buildings and people. Therefore, you require an expert to provide you with a design that meets with the local standards.

Our fire protection designs are carefully drafted to ensure that all measures are put in place to mitigate any damage that can cause by a fire outbreak. What’s more, we adequately account for fire exits to provide occupants with a safe means of escaping affected areas.

Professionals in Fire Protection Engineering

  • Not limited to detecting Smokes: Our systems are equipped with sensors that will detect heat, smoke and carbon monoxide. You can always be assured that the system will pick up any risk of fire.
  • Efficient: We boast the turnaround time up to 55% quicker than our competitors. Our innovative and flexible process makes this achievable for us.
  • Automatic relay for help: Our system is designed to automatically notify the fire department so that they can get there in minimal time. This will guarantee the safety of your life and property.

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