Mechanical Design

To ensure the adequate functioning building, its mechanical component must be given special consideration. Meee Design Build specializes in providing top-notch mechanical engineering design and drafting services for large-scale industrial, residential and retail projects. The HVAC system is a key mechanical component and you need to get it right to ensure adequate temperature and humidity control for maximum comfort. When an expert takes the whole process in his hands, it results in maximum efficiency and a more profitable project.

Meee Desing Build is proud of having some of the most well-versed specialists in the industry who ensure their HVAC designs comply with building codes. Their excellent result not only meets clients’ satisfaction but also ensure quick and pain-free city approval. HVAC systems take up a huge chunk of the building cost and that is why efficiency is paramount to us at MEEE Design Build. We aim to drastically minimize your energy and gas bills while maintaining a great result. We provide our services throughout the USA and particularly in areas of California such as San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc.

How do you know what HVAC to use in your building?

The buildings of the 21st century make use of sophisticated and advanced HVAC components. That’s why you need an astute MEP engineer to design a simple and effective HVAC system. The design usually includes floor plans, air, and water riser diagrams, equipment specification, and construction requirements.

Thereafter, a review of a licensed mechanical design engineer, signature and seals the design is required. To get approval from the Department of Buildings and Landlord: accurate construction cost bidding, maintaining high-standard workmanship and ensuring a seamless construction process.

We also offer other mechanical engineering services. You can find out about our industry-specific project and chiller replacement service here.

Professionals in Mechanical Engineering

  • Comfortability: Irrespective of external temperature and humidity conditions, our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure maximum comfort for occupants.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Most buildings have gigantic energy bills because their HVAC system operates inefficiently. Our solution ensures that energy wastage is eliminated to the barest minimum, leaving you with optimal functionality at minimum cost.
  • Durability: Our systems are built to last. We want you to save money on both maintenance and replacement cost in the long run.

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