Our Plumbing Engineering Design Solutions

Think about this. Every toilet, roof drain, dishwasher, lavatory, pool, shower, gas fireplace, gas stove and over plumbing features require a complex network of plumbing pipelines inside the walls to function adequately. We endeavor to provide you with an efficient plumbing design. We also have connections with several utility companies like Con Edison and DEP to supply you with modern domestic water service, sprinkler water service, sewer service, and natural gas service. Our expertise ranges from designing backflow preventers, bathrooms, replace plumbing risers and relocate kitchen and bathrooms, commercial kitchen and full plumbing system for commercial or residential buildings.

We also offer other plumbing engineering services throughout the USA and particularly in cities of California such as San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. You can find out about our industry-specific project here.

Cost-Effective Plumbing Design

Modern buildings are usually sophisticated in the plumbing requirement because of their size and height. At MEEE Design Build, our plumbing engineers know what it takes to supply all sections of your building with water at the right flow rate and pressure.


Having an optimally sized plumbing system lowers bills. This is because accurately sized systems minimize pumping costs, especially in skyscrapers. Also, efficient water usage reduces the heating bill as less water is required by the heating systems.

We also carry out water-saving upgrades like rainwater collection tanks, low-flow plumbing features, and greywater recycling systems.

Professionals in Plumbing Engineering Design

  • Super-fast delivery: We boast the turnaround time that’s over 55% faster than any of our competitors. We achieve this through our rapid and flexible design methodology.
  • A wide range of Experience: For any kind of building, either it’s a new or renovation project or a commercial or residential building, we are highly experienced in designing plumbing systems for it.
  • Energy-Efficiency: We are very conservative when it comes to spending money. Therefore, we provide you with a solution that will save you money in the long run without compromising quality.

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