Structural Design

Structure EngineersOur plus 20-years-experience in the building industry has proven to us that design of systems takes a significant part of the budget that is set aside for a project. MEEE Design Services believes the key to providing top cost-effective solutions and consultancy is the necessity of having extensive technical expertise. Effective structural design and using BIM system is critical to ensure nothing is overlooked during the design phase. Our company provides structural design services throughout the USA and particularly in California.

Our structural designers work closely with clients and architects to make sure that the outcome is satisfactory and in compliance with environmental and cultural features as well as each city’s codes and standards. We always consider the cultural and unique design goals of our clients in every step. With a strong foundation like this, it has been much easier for MEEE Design Services to continue to surprise our clients as the project progresses. Our three strongest points are professionalism, collaboration, and communication which have become the driving forces behind our success and performance.

Our Main Structural Design Services

MEEE Design Services has extensive expertise in structural design which complies with local codes and standards. We excel at:

  1. Structural EngineeringWood-frame building
  2. Reinforced concrete building designs
  3. Structural steel design
  4. Steel portal frame building
  5. Light framed metal
  6. Small structures for landscape and civil projects
  7. Seismic retrofit of existing buildings
  8. Structural drawings and modeling in BIM
  9. Shop drawings for connections
  10. Foundation and masonry designs

Our Structural Design and detailing teams provide Foundation, floor and roof framing services for the different structures.

Different Structures

MEEE Design Service offers an examination of construction materials, and design of structural parts capable of withstanding vertical and lateral forces, for example, gravity, wind, and seismic loads. We coordinate with engineers, with expert knowledge in structural conditions, stresses, intensities, and building codes, providing solutions and services dedicated to making sure our clients’ structures can withstand all applied loads during their proposed life.

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Steel (Hot Rolled Steel)
  • Timber Frame
  • Reinforced Masonry
  • Light Gauge Steel (Cold Form Steel)
  • Conventional & Post-tensioned Podium Slabs

Structural Design

Structural design is an important sub-discipline of civil engineering. It may very well be portrayed as a set of methods or tools that are used to determine cross-sectional measurement, the grade of material, amount of reinforcement and so on, needed to withstand the internal forces that we have from structural analysis.  MEEE Design Services structural designers perform a basic structural examination to make sense of what internal and external forces could influence the structure, to design a structure with the fitting materials and fortifications to meet the requirements.

Structural design
Structural design
Structural design

We develop economical, state-of-the-art structural solutions that fit within your architectural layout. We could provide design consultancy in the below-mentioned projects.

  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Mixed-use Buildings
  • Multi-family residences
  • Apartment Buildings & Condominium
  • Low Rise Commercial
  • Remodel & Addition
  • Single Family Residential (Hillside and Flat Lots)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Renovation

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit

To mitigate earthquake risks, MEEE Design Services offers profound and technical knowledge of special building code and testing requirements, together with expert techniques to provide creative and less expensive ways to augment existing or new structures to meet current standards. 

It is no secret that California homes are susceptible to earthquake risk. The level of structural damage, however, depends on the structure’s proximity or nearness to the epicenter and how strong the earthquake is. A sound seismic retrofit will help reduce the structural damage from an earthquake.


We constantly strive to provide seismic design services that bring value to architects, property owners and managers, engineers, and contractors and help them achieve these objectives.

  • Structural retrofit designs to the foundations
  • Structural load bearing analyses

Soft Story

A typical soft story, Weak or Open-Front Wall Line building is a structure comprising of at least two stories set over a ground level with huge openings, for example, tuck-under parking, car packs, or a business storefront. Without legitimate reinforcing of these structures, the structure might be exposed to basic disappointment during and after an earthquake. “Pancake collapse”, which alludes to the upper floors falling onto the lower floors, thus squashing whatever is in the lower floors, can occur if the sideways movement during an earthquake is strong enough to break the feeble supports in the soft stories.


If your structure has soft stories, get it retrofitted at the earliest opportunity. Below are some of the reasons why prompt action is required:

  • Minimize risk
  • Lower earthquake insurance premiums
  • Save on interest
  • Save Cash

If you’re looking to retrofit soft stories in your houses or buildings, look no farther than MEEE Design Services. Here, we offer a creative and cost-effective technique of strengthening a building’s quake-defenseless floor/floors to increase the structure’s resistance to unaligned forces existent during an earthquake. 

Tenant Improvement

You may have pondered on how to expand or improve a structure you own. Why not let specialists think for you. MEEE Design Services provide structural design support needed to expand and/or upgrade ensuring successful improvements.


We provide professional design services required to convert or improve tenant spaces ranging from single-tenant spaces to entire buildings. In order to achieve this, MEEE Design Services facilitates with architectural, mechanical, and other design experts to determine whether structural corrections to the structure are required to support equipment changes and design components. Structural design for tenant improvement ranges from designing interior walls and ceiling, support for a sliding glass door to the anchorage of shelves, signage, cabinets, and displays.

  • Identification of Structural Systems
  • Structural & Seismic Upgrades
  • Coordination with Architect and/or Design-Builder
  • Valuation of existing structures for Change of Use or Occupancy
  • Retrofit and Upgrade of Structural Connection to meet seismic
  • Structural design calculations and drawings for permitting

Want to get started on your project? Let us help you.

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