Soft Story


A typical soft story, Weak or Open-Front Wall Line building is a structure comprising of at least two stories set over a ground level with huge openings, for example, tuck-under parking, car packs, or a business storefront. Without legitimate reinforcing of these structures, the structure might be exposed to basic disappointment during and after an earthquake. “Pancake collapse”, which alludes to the upper floors falling onto the lower floors, thus squashing whatever is in the lower floors, can occur if the sideways movement during an earthquake is strong enough to break the feeble supports in the soft stories.

If your structure has soft stories, get it retrofitted at the earliest opportunity. Below are some of the reasons why prompt action is required:

  • Minimize risk

  • Lower earthquake insurance premiums
  • Save on interest
  • Save Cash

If you’re looking to retrofit soft stories in your houses or buildings, look no farther than MEEE Design Build. Here, we offer a creative and cost-effective technique of strengthening a building’s quake-defenseless floor/floors to increase the structure’s resistance to unaligned forces existent during an earthquake. We provide our services throughout the USA and particularly in areas of California such as San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc.

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