Structural Design

Structural design

Structural design is an important sub-discipline of civil engineering. It may very well be portrayed as a set of methods or tools that are used to determine cross-sectional measurement, the grade of material, amount of reinforcement and so on, needed to withstand the internal forces that we have from structural analysis. Structural engineers perform a basic structural examination to make sense of what internal and external forces could influence the structure, to design a structure with the fitting materials and fortifications to meet the requirements.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles and provide services to the whole USA. We develop economical, state-of-the-art structural solutions that fit within the architectural layout. We could provide design consultancy in the below-mentioned projects.

Structural design
Structural design
  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Mixed-use Buildings
  • Multi-family residences
  • Apartment Buildings & Condominium
  • Low Rise Commercial
  • Remodel & Addition
  • Single Family Residential (Hillside and Flat Lots)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Renovation

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